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Okay, so here comes the big heartfelt post again:

The Pride Adventures#2 is out now!

Sadly, no one is buying it :(

I’ve been pushing this a lot this week not just because it’s brand new, out this past Wednesday, no one has seen it before and filled with brand new stories (four of them to be exact).

It is also the issue of any Pride book I am most proud of to date.

That’s why I slapped the recommendation by the delightful and legendary gailsimone on the top of the gorgeous cover by wscottforbes.

It contains the first Pride story written by another writer, which feels amazing seeing someone else take your baby and run with it and having it turn out so perfectly too. It contains two whole stories focusing on the ladies of The Pride. It contains our first story with art form a female comic creator. It’s involving the most diverse cast of characters AND the most diverse creative team we’ve had to date.

It’s the most professional comic we have made so far. It looks gorgeous, and I’ve only seen it in digital comic format (as I can’t afford to get it printed yet). It is the most incredible issue yet!

And still, I’ve only sold four copies.

There’s another reason I want this comic to do well, aside from being so damn proud of it. 

I cannot make the next issue of The Pride, issue 4, which is all drawn, until I have paid off up-to-date the creative team and printers for TPA#2 and TP#3. It would be unfair of me to expect people to continue to work on the project otherwise.

Moreover, I have so many aspirations. I want to make more Pride! I have huge ideas for the series, some which will really mix things up. I want to make more comics in general! And I’ve also been offered the opportunity to head out to SDCC! (hitting 30 this year, it would mean SO much for me to go out to my dream place, San Diego Comic Con on such a big year).

But all of this I can’t do if the comics aren’t selling.

It’s frustrating. On The Pride Facebook Page, there are 1,124 Likes. If every single one of them bought a copy of The Pride Adventures#2, for the paltry sum of just £1.50 each, I’d have enough to pay off this comic and even some left over for the next one. I’d have enough money spare from my day job that I’d be able to actually get me out to SDCC.

It’s a new comic, and it’s not part of the old Indiegogo preorder, so literally no one has read this yet and the only way they are going to is to head over to the store and buy a copy. And I really want to show of the incredible work that PJ Montgomery, benwilsonham, Dani Abram, Christian Wildgoose, Mike Stock, denismedri, jdmakescomics and wscottforbes have done.

So please, every little helps.

Show your support actively. RT. Reblog. Share. Like. But also make Original Posts about the comic and why you buy them and why you support it, you have no idea how much it helps. 

But also really show your support for me, the comic and LGBT and diversity in comics in general by buying copies. Remember, the Big Two will only take notice of the kind of comics you want to see if you show them with your hard-earned cash.

Help us make a change, and support new creators in comics.

Buy The Pride Adventures#2 here!

Catch up on all of The Pride at our online store!

Follow The Pride here!

Reblogging, since I can relate to this (last time I tried selling digital comics, I sold one copy, a bit discouraging, I must admit), and unfortunately can’t really help financially.

Anything you can do does help though, so keep the signal up and high works wonders.

And of course, if you can buy the comics, that is what will get us where we need to be.

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We used to be best buddies,
But now we’re not.
I wish you would tell me why…


We used to be best buddies,

But now we’re not.

I wish you would tell me why…

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